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Friday, 28 September 2012

Disempowering by science

The belief that there is something greater than ourself gives meaning to our place on the planet – a reason for our life - the co-operation of God with ourself or vica versa.

Many people believe there is something greater than themselves who never go to a religious institution. They would call themselves “spiritual” rather than religious. They have the view that 'the something greater than themselves' is some kind of co-operative force that can be co-opted for personal nurturing, that 'allows' evolution – or maybe is evolving itself and IS evolution. We are fragments of the whole in its awesome complexity.

There is something in this thought that triggers an internal vastness that we could call a spiritual experience. In fact this 'one-ness' is the goal of all religious practice. So I like to think we NEED an inner life – A SPIRITUAL WAY - that is as important to our survival and the survival of our species as the workings of our lungs or bowels!

In contrast, the current mainstream scientific view says we are just an evolutionary accident and nothing else – we are “capped” by this view – how can we transcend being an evolutionary accident? How personally meaningful is this? I think this aspect is the most important – having no meaning weakens us.

What does the inner life of such a rational thinker look like? Is it bleak? Is it lush? What motivates his striving? How can he ever transcend his human limitations if his own thought processes cap him? How does he explain the inexplicable, which he needs to do, not by denial or aggressive scepticism, but by offering a logical natural concept (not labelled delusion, hallucination etc.) to those who live imaginatively rather than logically?

We need to study the benefits of faith in something greater than just us, in regards to the vitality of our species. Unless we come up with scientific, logical explanations in some compassionate way to explain the spiritual phenomena that are experienced by millions of people all over the world - that they know as real by personal testing, – we haven’t a hope in hell. The future seems bleak – we are going to lose our strength.