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Thursday, 6 September 2012

The most precious commodity in the world...

I live in such a changed world, I sometimes feel I am living on a foreign planet!

Things that distress me are the “war on drugs”. What an awful term! “War”! When I was young, there was no such war – and like all wars, it has NOT made the world a better place.

Drug barons and drug lords have been made rich and powerful by it. Drugs have become so illicit, we have made them priceless and traffickers protect them with guns. The underworld has become vast! The misery is unimaginable but not from “using”.

I have just watched the TV documentary Unreported World about the violence in Trinidad and Tobago. One could say this stems directly from our “War on Drugs”.

These islands are right near South America and they are where the trade passes on drugs on their way to us. Traffickers dump their guns and excess “stock” on the locals. Life there is unimaginable to us.

Surely after all these years of total non-success, logical, scientifically minded people, would admit it's a “war” that is NOT working!

Despite all the gobbledegook I have heard that legalising drugs would not work - why don’t we try it? What COULD be worse than the dismal failure of making drugs the most precious commodity in the world?