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Saturday, 1 September 2012

Tobacco Control "mistakes" enough!

This is a new paper out now - on Springer Link which you have to pay for and which I am not going to, but simply reading this one page about the mistakes Tobacco Control have made, it occurred to me, that meddling in the actual product has been their biggest mistake of all. Did they not realise that in pushing for low nicotine, low tar cigarettes, they would make people smoke MORE? Read the second column in this single page PDF (which I am unable to copy and paste from). The error is to have made cigarettes more toxic than they were before - and of course, for smokers to get their fix, they have to smoke more. And in the last sentence, how naughty, naughty naughty people blocked the nice vent holes in the filters. I remember doing that with sticky tape! I think these people and their meddling ways should go and live on another planet. It's them that have made this one particularly unpleasant already.