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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

More, more more - a haven for greed.

Where do all our taxes go? I thought we were taxed to death already. Smokers pay for all their medical treatment and the treatment of others. The tax on food and alcohol must pay for food and drink related conditions. Income tax is supposed to run the country. National Insurance for the National Health Service and we all pay for our pensions. Petrol tax builds our roads. What have I missed out?

We get taxed directly AND indirectly - for everything we consume. We don't even realise we are being taxed sometimes!

Then, I also want to know what happens to all the "fines"? Who gets those?

Did you know our government and all it's parts are "Corporations"?

There is something very smelly about planet earth as we have made it - a haven for greed with co-operating prisoners feeding profitable Corporations who thieve from us at every oportuninty.

And who always want more - more more....