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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Making things happen for smokers

Something dawned on me last night about why the anti-tobacco movement has been so successful in trampling down the quarter of the population in the UK – the smokers.

They have FOCUS. They know EXACTLY what they want. They have MONEY (mostly ours!).

Smokers are single individuals, who simply don't want the persecution. They have unfocussed intentions. Some might be enraged that they may not smoke in pubs, or on open air station platforms. Some might feel excluded because they may not smoke in their local park, or even outside the hospital they find themselves in. There seems to be no focus, no money, no group.

There are sites, bloggers and individuals who complain – but smokers are not focused on working towards ONE release from their pain. ONE thing would be simply to hammer on about smoking in pubs. That is how the anti smoking movement progressed - one focused goal at a time.

What happened to....


Something that collected lots of signatures Tobacco campaigners hand packaging petition to Department of Health ?

Are we still waiting for the axe to fall?