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Monday, 23 July 2012

Solastalgia Grumble Club - Our rights

Freedom of speech seems to have gone for a burton  - can't feel relaxed voicing my thoughts any more.  I used to be very outspoken. And those I know seem equally timid. We have legislated thought control and speech control in the UK. Everyone has to be PC. This means that non-PC seems to not exist, but in truth it's just hidden.

We have our "rights". I'm not sure where that came from in this Science age. We only have the rights given us by the societies we live in. We weren't born with rights. Nature does not dish out "rights".

We have insane Libel Laws in the UK. I can be sued for just upsetting someone - just upsetting them. And all they have to prove is that they are upset! It is their "right" not to feel upset. Wow.

Litigation, no win, no pay, is ADVERTISED on the TV so everyone can sue everyone else if they really feel upset enough.

 How alien is that?