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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Planet 1960 faces 2012

I miss feeling free. I miss feeling 'at home'.

I do not want to be blackmailed by medical science about my own health, blackmailed by climate science about global warming, or feel threatened by 'science' as the new priestly class that has the final say on absolutely everything! 'Does anybody know the secret of love?' by Ella Fitzgerald loses it's magic in our new 'scientific age' where love is confused with sex, and sex  is confused with copulation.

I do not want to be politically correct, recycle, give up smoking, strap myself into a vehicle, follow sell by dates on foods, see 'wet floor' signs on every public floor, watch Japanese made children's programs with my grandchildren, get permission just to photograph Parliament buildings or my grand daughter's school play or my grandchildren AT play.

I do not want to be restricted by airport checks or wait for hours to board a plane. I do not want to fear going to hospital – they used to be 'safe' places once. Once I'm there, I do not want to join the smokers outside in the rain, while I vape my electronic cigarette, clutching my drip and catheter too.

I do not want to watch my children try to set up their fish tank in the new 'scientific' way – when I know simply dumping everything in and then adding fish worked perfectly well in the past. I am appalled at how they 'believe' all the rubbish they watch on TV, how brainwashed they are by the legislation that CONTROLS them, and how little they know. They are astonished that the illegal drug trade is a modern invention, that politicians used to be elders, or that my generation just 'got on' with life without psychological counseling.

The thing I like about the new world I live in, is the technology – I have to thank science for that! Yet something is very wrong.

The new freedom we practise in this UK "democracy" that is run by lobby groups and sock puppets, and not by its citizens, is a new, vile and mutated animal to me.