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Saturday, 14 July 2012

The Natural Centre of Everyday Life

The natural centre of everyday life is NOT hinged on science. Ordinary people understand little of 'science'. They are told what to believe and how to live because scientists are portrayed as 'the final word' of KNOWING. Ordinary people just get on with life. The centre of their life is family, friends, love, relationships, happiness, pain, belongings and hard work. These are the really meaningful things. Yet we are indoctrinated by fear – mostly – from the media reporting scientists' discoveries,but our ignorance of 'science' is as deep as it was when we were being impressed with guilt and fear from other kinds of priests. How can we dare not to believe what has been PROVED scientifically?

If you challenge the role of science in modern life, it will always be pointed out how wonderful life is with the technology it has brought us – and how our lives and health have been improved by it. No one ever points out the evils of plastic, pesticides, designer viruses, many other inventions which are simply crimes against humanity or the millions killed in war.

But I can report that many people live without science or education all over the world - I've seen it. Personal happiness is obtainable nevertheless even though that might cause astonishment to the educated or scientific observer. I love science! I loved studying it. I love using the technology it brings - the technology delights me and I am grateful daily. I wouldn't be so happy in outer Mongolia - or Patagonia! Not every one is so enthusiastic.

People go regularly to places where they can live with no technology - on purpose! I never understand that. But I would love to live without the 'scientism' that is becoming bolder and bolder as I get older and older. It hardly EVER has anything REALLY uplifting to say.