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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Molded by Fear

Society is obese with fear. It's time to change our diet.

Quote :- Studies show that levels of fear and paranoia are a marker of the health of a society. In an American study - in which 8,000 individuals across 40 states were surveyed - it was found that mistrust of people was associated with areas of lower social cohesion and higher death rates. Remarkably, the study claimed that as levels of trust increased by 10 per cent, death rates declined by 8 per cent.

An archived article still excellent and pertinent from the Daily Mail 'Scared to Death'

It's strange that in a time of improved health-care, a soft, safe life in the West, we have become obsessed with being 'safe'. We've never had it so good. Yet all we are fed is fear.