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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Going too far

I am alarmed at how far the persecution of smokers is going: how the thoughtless waste of money proceeds in the history of the ant-smoking movement.

Now, all cigarettes are to be hidden from view in case their bright, alluring packaging attracts people to smoking. Shortly, it is possible all the packaging will be dun coloured with no labels, no colour, no allure. What will there be to "cover up"? Milions of pounds of our money has been wasted on NRT, with a poor success rate, abusing and persecuting the millions - MILLIONS - of smokers who have no rights, advertising campaigns, educational campaigns, covering up campaigns and the closure of thousands of pubs - once the hub (and pride) of English life.

Where is this madness leading us? How can we stop it? When smoking has officially been stamped out, what cost a war on illegal smoking? And who will pay the salaries to the thousands of workers in the Ash Industry?

I do not smoke, I vape.

But I feel sick at the idea that lobbyists' insanity can infect our Government to such an extent that citizens are denied the right to physical pleasures in the name of "Health".

Smokers do not cost the  Government a penny - they have paid their dues and more. As our servants, the politicians who wage war on smoking on behalf of a Government funded anti-smoking industry, have gone too far. They know not what they do.