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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

A bloody good idea.

I am not super inelligent, not do I understand a lot of things. I sometimes get a good "gut feeling" and other times a bad one.

This lobbying bill must not pass - a blog today by big brother watch, made me think it would be one way to curb the influence of lobby groups - sock puppets - that have meddled with our Government for many years. In the UK, unlike other countries, there is no curb on them. I refuse to give money to charities that I know will use my money to make my life miserable like The Heart Foundation and The Cancer Charities that have overstepped their remit by spending it to lobby against smokers - and probably now against vapers. They are shamefully politically involved. Drinkers and fat people are begnning to feel the influence of the Righteous too.

" Some have reported on the concern that the bill could ‘gag’ charities." Well, as there are several very interfereing charities, sock puppets for the righteous and those who have without shame and without exposure, peddled smudged medical statistics as "science", made even challenging them not politically correct, advised the Government to put criminal nocebos on cigarette packs and caused the persecution of a raft of our citizens, I think that would be a bloody good idea!