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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Legislative Vengeance

Legislative vengeance is not my phrase, but I am stealing it! Thanks Jan. This idea covers what I feel is seeping into society drip by drip by drop.

I think it might be something to do with my generation. It was the sex, drugs and rock n roll generation. First it was Rock 'n Roll, Elvis Presley and Rebel without a Cause James Dean era. We were the first official teenagers. Before that there were just mini-adults. We became "problems" for kissing in the backs of cars, for drinking, for smoking, for having fun. We became consumers.  We grew up rebellious.

We needed to be heard  and we yelled loudly. We yelled for peace. We yelled for black rights, gay rights, women's rights. We yelled to stop censorship. We watched Deep Throat and Caligula anyway. We fell pregnant. We had our babies cruelly removed from us by moral vengeance. We Twisted the Night Away. Psychiatrists told us to "let it all hang out". Psychologists wrote books on how to bring up the babies we managed to keep or have in wedlock. We had hopes and dreams of a world of peace and a better way of life. We made waves, we disobeyed, and the Press followed our antics so our message spread. We changed things because we wanted a world with a better future. We bought into the system Bill Hicks warned us against.

We grew older and our children became the teenagers becoming an even more permissive, self-indulgent generation. By that time legislative vengeance coming along behind us, had made using drugs a "crime".  Instead of the Vietnam war  there was a new war - on drugs. A big lucrative industry of criminals and law enforcers and prisons to keep the new criminals in, grew up.

And simultaneously, a new kind of drug baron found it's power, the Big Drug Corporations put themselves together in the style of Big Tobacco, using the marketing blueprint/template familiarly used now by all Corporations. Toggle the press to your side and propagandise about our wants, fears and  weaknesses with "cures" and "solutions" and keep the fear alive at all costs. There is only room for allowed permissiveness and self-indulgences that promote the economy, and the "Bigs". Our children are now grown to middle age. They have been groomed by regulation and education to pass on legislative vengeance lifestyles that were started to control their parents. It is mainly my generation that perceives the abnormality of  the "normal" that "normal" is.

The new epidemiology makes sure that the groomed, manicured and manufactured politicians have science to back up the policies they are lobbied to promote. And also guarantees work for scientists funded by Big Pharma, Big Seed, Big Oil, Big War and Big Corporations

So our grandchildren are growing up in a world as equally repressed as the one we lived in. Their repression is less about morals or religion, and more about what has been proved by science to be good or bad for them. So they don't have to fight for gay rights,woman's rights or equality as it has already been changed by us. Their parents are the age group of our current boy politicians endorsing legislative vengeance against the rest of us, all backed up by science of course. Did that generation do anything outstandingly rebellious? Or did they just "follow orders".

It's up to the new generation to kick against their own repression. And I think they might. Already their parents (the obedient ones) are beginning to lose confidence in the epidemiological scare stories, twististic and hype pouring out in confusing piles of information from Corporation-funded scientists, the Media and Governments. The age group that I know who are 40 something are beginning to question, to notice, to perceive that some things presented to them, are not quite what they seem - are ludicrously opposite to previous information and they are awakening.

I am hoping their kids are listening to them awakening as they are being "scientised" at school and that their own sense of curiosity eventually will break through the brainwashing of the education system, and they will ask questions about good science and bad science and demand it be purified from all the corruption that has built up in it since grandparent's time. In this computer age,I am hoping that my grandchildren will question everything they are told, and question every law that has been passed the appears vengeful to some lifestyle. And mostly question the science that brought it into being.

I hope they will see through the complex a tangle of wrongfulness we live in, and get rid of it. That Corporate greed favouring shareholders instead of social responsibility becomes unfashionable. That using science with malicious intent to promote a cause becomes a punishable offence. That epidemiology becomes a real science that cannot be used to promote legislation, but is used for observation and education.

I expect my grandchildren to rebel and I'm working on it already!