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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Instant response - furious request

Today, I took the dog for a walk because I was so uptight about a really weird and not-so-pleasant day. I went to the park, to relax.

But, we were terrorised by an idiot dog owner whose three adolescent Labradors raced round and round us loose of their leads. She might have thought they were cute - but I really was terrified. My own cute little dog has to be carefully protected because he might look like a Yorkshire Terrier, but he THINKS he's an Alsatian. As a rescue dog, something must have happened to him in the long distant past. The trigger to his rage is any dog that sniffs his neck. They can sniff any part they like and he's a friendly little  chap - but a neck-sniff does it. These three horrid Labradors leaping about and pawing looked like neck sniffers to me.

I yelled and screamed "b***** off" and "go away" in several languages I know. I heard the owner calling them to her.

I shouted "Put your dogs on their bloody leads!" And she did instantly.

That made me feel better.