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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Time for hot frogs.

Making hoarding a crime caught my eye on Twitter this morning. The new law would protect us oldies from ourselves and our clutter.   I thought Hoarding was a compulsive obsessive disorder. I couldn't think of anything more cruel and barbaric than making those with clutter be legally forced to not hoard. It ranks with making older people to not smoke when they have done it for years. Or ban smoking in hospitals where the mentally ill have to re-home to sometimes.

This mornings tweet made me remember how utterly insane our legislators are. They actually have NO IDEA really do they? They overstep the mark of basic compassion.

We are living in a world where everything is cosmetic - it's got to look right. We have forgotten our messy past. We think we are building a better future by making things look right. Hoarding is messy. Hoarders don't follow the rules of being tidy. They haven't got neat minds. They must be made illegal. They are a danger to themselves and others. Their houses might burn down. Rats might infect the houses around them. It is unhygienic. Hoarders need disinfecting from society.  They need LEGISLATING against.

Smokers are disgusting and dirty too. They stink. They are a danger to others with their second hand smoke which kills. They might burn the house down too. They must be legislated against to smoke outside, oh no, I forgot, not outside either. They mustn't be seen, even though they count as one quarter of the population.Children must grow up not seeing anyone smoking so they can be protected against it when they grow up and actually see people smoking.

And such a disgusting habit may not be practised by the mentally ill. Their second hand smoke will injure others around them. So they must be offered NRT patches immediately on admission. I think this is a crime.

Once we had laws against sexual orientation, race, pregnancy, abortion, prostitution, women, religion, witches, slaves that were all crimes against groups in society. In most Western countries, we expect to be free from government sponsored social discrimination.
I don't see this. I see discrimination alive and well. It disgusts me.

But the uplifting thought for my day is that our legislative madness will pass. One day, some of the frogs heating up slowly in the petri dish of life, will leap out - maybe.