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Monday, 24 July 2017

LBGTQ, gender and sex - and animal rights

There is something strange afoot on this planet.  And we are getting caught in the currents of a new insanity. It's new, because, in the course of history, there has never been any question about some established facts of nature.

Baby things are usually either male or female. When they mature, they make further male or female babies. It's called reproduction. Sometimes, as in certain fishes, and snails  males can change to female or self fertilise. Like plants. That doesn't work in complex animals.

Male and female animals are stuck with what their chromosomes gave them.'Feelings' didn't used to change their sex.

But now, its all different. Feelings are facts and facts are not facts.Sex is not gender and gender can be chosen if you feel like it. 

How alien can this place be? There is no observable reality anymore. You can be anything you want to be by 'feeling' it and legally too. And others must conform with your perception of you.

Today researchers and activists in London released a ‘transfesto’, calling for greater awareness of issues faced by transgender, non-binary and gender nonconforming people after they die.The manifesto calls on the funeral industry to develop more trans-friendly practices and for official death-related paperwork to be more trans-inclusive. It also outlines plans to make trans-specific legal information more easily accessible. >>>“Trans people must constantly self-advocate in life — for those of us with the privilege to plan for our futures instead of just our immediate survival, there is always a worry for us that our corpses will not be respected in death,” says Morgan Potts, a member of the Dysphoria Collective, who participated in the research. Concerns include ensuring that their chosen gender, pronoun and name is used both on official documents and in memorial ceremonies regardless of the body’s appearance.


Not only do such concerns about death feel strange on the planet I inherited/remembered, but animals have become so clever they can sue you!  Taking a selfie is pretty cute - but suing you for the copyright to it, is mind-bogglingly intelligent.

What HAS happenned to animals? Do you think threy are just 'feeling' like humans?

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