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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Free speech on an alien planet

I have never liked Richard Dawkins disdain of spirituality/religion. Though both are not the same thing of course. Richard Dawkins has neither.

He has been offensive to millions of believers of all kinds. He has bred a sort of insane 'Atheism' that is arrid, anal and produces cold, hard people that this planet could well do without. In that way, Dawkins has promoted Scientism rather than science.

He's charming. But not.

He is logical. But not.

Science is his rod and staff. And he has lived in the 'old world' like me. In the 'old world', there were certain rules.

The right to hold your own ideas.
Listening to others with opinions not your own.
The right to stand on your soap box if yoy want.
Challenging those with whom you disagree.
Grammar, education and cultural knowledge.
Family, marraige, morals, virtue.

Those were only some.

But does he realise as I do, that we are living on an alien planet now?

The new planet is ruled by Neoliberalism - the philosophy of marketing/money/greed being the God that we should follow. And the accolites need the creed -  me, me, me ME! to give offerings to the Gods of Greed. The new generations have been infected too by Postmodernism.

 Neoliberals advocate de-regulation in economic life while postmodernists advocate de-regulation in the cultural sphere. The new relativism of postmodernism matches with the laissez-faire attitude of neoliberals. Both currents of thought place the isolated individual in the centre of attention. Everybody has his/her own culture. The ‘I’ is liberated from the ‘we’. Both deny the possibility of steering or planning social developments, but proclaim the ability of individuals to re-create themselves.  Link
So now, the rules are different - young people have 'rights'. The right -

To material possesions
To university education.
To protection from pain and hard work.
To protection from challenge.
To protection from unsettling ideas.
To protection from grammar, old cultural influences of european westernism.
To protection from constraining morals, family, marraige, virtue.
To protection from the discomfort of frugality.
To protection from MEN.

In fact - the Snowflake generation is that which inhabits university campases mainly.

Richard Dawkins is obviously too challenging for them. And that IS a pity.