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Friday, 12 July 2013

Yeah! yeah! yeah! Praise!

  UK Government Postpones Plain Packaging

Jay Tyranny at Nannying Tyrants
Public Health activists, the tobacco control industry and smoker-hating charities like Cancer Research UK are weeping into their pints of non-alcoholic beer today. The British press is reporting that plain packaging plans are shelved in favour of seeing how the anti-smoker denormalisation experiment in Australia gets on. Twitter is alight with "OMG!!! The government is killing babies!" The *Independent*'s Oliver Duggan writes: The Government is to delay plans to introduce standardised cigarette packaging in the UK, sparking outrage from health campaigners. The policy, which was e... more »


BBC: Government "formally" abandons plain packaging

Simon Clark at Taking Liberties - 4 hours ago
*Apologies for the lack of posts this past week.* We're working on a new project, to be revealed in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile the BBC has this morning confirmed that Standardised plain cigarette packaging plans shelved. The government is to postpone its plans to introduce standardised plain packaging for cigarettes in the UK. Ministers are expected to tell MPs that a decision on the policy has been formally delayed so that more time can be spent examining how similar plans have worked in Australia. (I know this because I was woken at four o'clock this morning by someone – who... more » 

In total, 665,989 campaign responses were received from 24 separate campaigns. Around two-thirds of campaign responses received were from people who are opposed to the introduction of standardised packaging (total of 427,888 responses) and one-third of campaign responses received were from people who are in support (238,101 responses) ...