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Saturday, 6 July 2013

Giving up.

I don't know why I write this blog. There are so so many perverted trends in the way the world is going, that I have become mentally speechless. I have had nothing to say for ten days because I am overwhelmed.

It seems to me, that in a time of scientism, real science has been perverted in the hands of the righteous to use as their tool for domination. Examples of this are the dodgy twististics used by Tobacco Control to further their cause of a smoke-free world. Or the domination of science in the food industry so that our bodies are challenged to deal with engineered molecules that are the result of industrial greed. Or the constant re-enforcement of erroneous dietary guidance, like fat is bad for us, that has become the mantra of all medical food advice. Or the flooding of our consciousnesses that the cure is the drug to the great benefit of the pharmaceutical companies. Or the paradox that we need science to prove things that everyone already knows the truth of. Science has become a tool for earning a salary, for shoring up politics, for promoting opinion when it should be a method of investigation. Science as the beginning and end like this is scientism.

In the face of this new god, I feel powerless and overwhelmed by the powerlessness of us all.

I lived through the freedom and hope of the Sixties. I don't know what happened to that freedom. And I have very little hope. Governments legislate on everything now - every tiny thing. Psychiatry claims natural human emotion, like grief, as mental illness, feral children as beyond  physical discipline, but quite able to withstand emotional abuse instead - or better - simply drugged. Our children are strapped in to everything for their own safety - baby rockers, prams, car seats, booster seats literally, and mentally and emotionally by society knowing what is "good" for them to know, like pornography, or things they shouldn't see like smoking, or vaping because it looks like smoking.And us oldies, the smoking age survivors are just an expense instead of dead!

We now have rights that have been overcome by other people's rights, we must behave politically correctly to have rights.  Our governments routinely override their duty to provide us with public services and defense, by intruding into every aspect of our lives and spying on us. And taxing us. And taxing us again, or charging us a payment for permission to do some things that once were free.The media has been castrated to become fawning eunuchs to our rulers. Their reporting is not the true state of reality, but an illusion of it contorted through outside pressure, a brainwashing tool used to swing our public opinion and private opinions. In these there is not real opinion, just compliance and the desire for comfort. Consumerism has mesmerised us.

This planet is an exquisite jewel. I used to love it here - an exciting place with possibilities for goodness, beauty, freedom, up-liftment and consciousness raising for a whole planet.  Now it just feels alien - a deformed thing.

I am giving up ranting. It gets me no where and uplifts no one. If it can't be positive, if it doesn't uplift ME in some way, I am not blogging it.