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Monday, 29 July 2013

Wonderfully uplifting...Frank Davis

I found Frank Davis's blog post The Cultural Liquidation of Europe tremendously uplifting.  It's really worth a read. It's the way I feel about my world that is becoming - has become - an alien place.

Frank says -  "The best thing that could happen would be for all these various protesting peoples to unite in one single task: the overthrow of the European political class who have so comprehensively duped and misled and betrayed their own peoples.

It won’t be just nationalistic: it will be a comprehensive cultural revolt against all kinds of imposed new norms and values."


Trouble is, the current batch of younger humans billeted here on earth, think life as they know it is NORMAL. And any protesting groups are shouting in a vacuum where no media outlet is allowed to have ears to hear them.

But dreaming a dream is good - momentarily.....