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Friday, 26 July 2013

This is my positive blog - demonise war like they did with smokers!

I decided I would post uplifting stuff here - uplifting to me that is. Why oh why, the older I get, do I find less and less situations uplifting?

Our planet has serious problems.

It really would be uplifting to me to think that our leaders knew what they were doing.

But I think they haven't a clue.

But things could improve if....

Smoking was re-instated as it was before Big Tobacco and Big Pharma took it over, Politicians were over sixty and not paid or soccer players either for that matter. Tax was scrapped and we reverted to how it was before Governments became Corporations and Corporations became corporations. Corporations were abolished. We traded in services and seashells, pumpkins and charitable actions and REAL money. Rich people and Religions were expected to be patrons and do charitable works and subsidise libraries, schools and hospitals. Drugs were legalised, and most laws were scrapped. War, and anyone who makes war or has anything to do with war was demonised like they did with smokers and smoking - easy peasy - it took one generation only and it was done.

Do I feel better? Yes! Momentarily.