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Monday, 22 July 2013

Is religion Good or Evil? Interesting video, if you are interested!

I am not religious. I used to be very tuned in to my invisible spiritual aspect. This is far easier to explore in countries that are not crenelated with atheist academics telling us that we have no spiritual aspect, it's just imagination. So here in the UK, one gets that subtle part of one's life stamped out by "Science" and secularism. There is a real anti-religion force here, and even an anti-spiritual tide. Unless you are in a community of like thinkers, which I am not, your ideas can easily wither and die.

Recently, our town council had to remove "prayer" from the beginning of their meetings because it was offensive to some people. I'm not religious in that I am not of any religion, but I think "prayer" before a meeting is a damn good idea! People should have a quiet time to focus their thought on the fact that they are deciding things for other people, and should feel focused and responsible for their actions.

This blog is uplifting. It's my personal uplifting blog. I am tired of complaining! I have just watched this video. I felt uplifted. Maybe you will too!

Watch here  Is Religion Good or Evil? 

But then I particularly dislike Mr Dawkins and his prosteletysing  minions.....