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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Translucence rising - Climate Science reflects modern science (videos)

There's been a frisson among climate scientists that give us a peek into science today. 
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There has at last been a judgment against Mann - the scientist who, with his "hockey stick graph" that we saw so prominently in Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth"  - was annoyed because it was criticised as trash by another scientist called Steyn. So he sued him. The court proceedings have dragged on for years, during which time Mann refused to  share his data (surprise?). The Judge has just chucked his case out. And Steyn has put in a counter suit. Mann is bankrupt already and is probably due to get more bankrupt if that is possible. To read the claims see here.

It is totally possible and becoming even most probable that the whole Global Warming thing is a load of bollocks, imposed on us by a set of scientists spouting rubbish, experts, who, advise governments that have immediately seen the opportunity to make money out of a population converted by An Inconvenient Truth and a blind trust in Science and who can be made to feel guilty for their actions. The same social engineering using guilt as the prod is used against smokers.

We must NOT trust scientists. They are misusing science. Science is fantastic unless it is used to promote ideologies or industries. Industries carrying ideologies that have emerged in our modern world are the Global Warming Industry, The Charities Industries, The Tobacco Control Industries, The Education Industries, The Quango and Advisory Industries, The Politician Industry, The Health and Pharmaceutical Industries, The Psychiatric Industry, and many more. They all have self perpetuating motives and an internally self consensus bias that promotes their own self righteousness.

Those who break ranks are viciously punished, as the court case above shows. But a case like this does nothing to expose the error of the scientists, only their arrogance.

How do we ordinary people expose these errors of science?  Without scientific knowledge we cannot. But we can use our wits. If there is an "industry" dangling off a set of "facts" (like the facts of second hand smoke, or the perils of vaping) our personal experience should sharpen our perception that the "facts" are suspicious.

I think this is a mass hoax era. And the new industry scientists drive it with their "expertise".