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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Translucence rising - Placebo means Nocebo too.

 My wish for 2014 was that truth would rise up as the year progressed.

Last night in the UK, we were provided with a program - Horizon: The Power of Placebo (BBC Two). If I link it here, it will not be available after two weeks - so please Google it if you want to watch it. Sometimes these programs go up to YouTube after a while.

"The Power of Placebo" is the first time I have seen mainstream media offering anything intelligent on placebo. It is well worth watching. It gives us scientific reasons for effects us humans have known about since the first Shaman on earth. We are what we think.

We are what we think.

This is so utterly simple, yet encompasses and explains so much. Placebo could cloak Homeopathy, hypnotherapy, spiritual healing, faith healing, shamanism, and LOVE into mainstream. I talk about LOVE as caring/attention - not mindless copulation as is the trend.

So to see Placebo taken seriously for the first time, has been uplifting for me. The truth that it is a thing that is no longer questionable is a ray of light in our mainstream darkness.

Anyone who has lived in Africa knows that Placebo has its opposite. And it's the opposite that is the dangerous one. Believers that m'tagati has been cast on them in Africa, sicken and die. REALLY. In our enlightened times, spells are cast constantly. They percolate into every brain so none of us are free of them.

In the UK, there is a fixation on "health"or rather, the avoidance of ill health. This is not the same as celebrating the joy of being "well". Our TV/Media overflows with fear. Our Government legislates for it. The citizens are drip fed it. Our politicians are paralysed by it.

Soon, we will have legislation introducing plain packs with medical porn visuals and SMOKING KILLS, even larger than reality on them. When will anyone take seriously that such an action is a crime against those who smoke? Smokers, their families and all whose eyes fall on plain packaging are having a spell cast on them. Not only that, but "third hand smoke" has raised it's ugly head again. "Third hand smoke" will wreck trillions of lives/businesses if it is allowed loose and not challenged.

Trouble is, with nocebos, one tiny idea implanted, however briefly, can poison.

Electronic cigarettes are the target for fear induction now. Only vapers themselves actually know about vaping and what it has done to improve personal health. Only vapers know the miracle. We know that we do want regulation to keep us safe from dodgy e liquid or exploding batteries. But such regulation would be the same as we expect for exploding washing machines, or bottles of bleach. We need protection as consumers.

Nocebos and fear about vaping are being offered in the media, considered by legislators, and pushed by fear cursed politicians.

Smokers have been used for voodoo since the1980's. It is time it stopped. Vapers need to arm themselves with powerful positive thought. We ARE what we think.

In 2014 I hope to see that, if the idea of The Power of Placebo is now accepted as real and "scientific" someone somewhere, will study The Power of Nocebo.  If any scientist reads this blog, I suggest that smokers are a good subject. They are the only group that have been constantly cursed by anti smoking ideology. China, in particular NOW, has a SIGNIFICANTLY lower death rate from smoking than the west. They are "pures" in that they have been free of nocebo around smoking.

When we accept scientifically that we are what we think, our health will be transformed. Accepting that negative ideas we tell others to think, can be a dangerous, immoral action, and voodoo implanted via media and governance stopped, we might transform our world.