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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Heart attack instructions. Temporary blog suspension.

Some advice for everyone. Five things to know about heart attacks.

1 You will not have the time/sense to read about heart attack symptoms on the Internet while your mate is having one.

2  There is nothing on the Internet that is really helpful at the time except phone 999

3  If you live in the country, just bundle your mate into your car and drive them yourself to the nearest hospital. You will get there quicker than the ambulance will actually arrive at your house.

4  Don't listen if your mate says "It's OK, it's nothing really. I just need to lie down for a while."

5  If you think someone might be having a heart attack, they probably are. Act on it even in doubt.

So, how did I know my mate was having a heart attack?

I had previously read up about symptoms. They are different in men and women. So do that now - just google it and read as much as you can until the basic stuff is burned on your brain.

It happenned quickly.  One minute we were happy as Larry dishing up our Sunday supper. And the next he got such bad "indigestion" he couldn't eat it.

The indigestion! went up his jaw and down his left arm. (Classic symptoms)

He wanted to lie down and then he'd be "all right".

That was just MY husband. Everyone is different. No one has a heart attack in the same way.

If you know what happened to us, you know something you didn't know before. Sudden extra painful indigestion that feels like you swallowed something large and uncomfortable that's stuck down in the little cup you have at the top of your chest bones at the bottom of your throat, that is sending a pain up your jaw and down your left arm, is not indigestion.

My life is a bit chaotic right now - so I'll be blogging less and driving more. We live in the country, and the nearest heart hospital is a bit of a drive. One benefit of the whole situation is that hubby has learned to text - WITH smileys!

See you when we're all sorted out!