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Saturday, 19 October 2013

Christmas? Naaa. Couldn't be bovvered.

We have been discussing amongst the family who will host Christmas this year.
Seems none of us want to.

It's too much work.

The host has to tidy their house.

They have to have to have a large enough tree to house all the gifts to be handed out at morning coffee.

They have to prepare the Turkey, the vegetables, make the gravy and steam the pudding.

They need a big table to seat us all.

They have to pool our cutlery and plates so there is enough for all of us to use.

Someone has to set the table.

Someone has to clear up all the mess of papers round the Christmas tree and then all the cracker mess and silly plastic cracker toys and jokes from the dining room.

Not to mention scraping the plates and packing the dishwasher several times over.

And then everything pooled has to be sorted and returned to the rightful families.

And then they have to clean the house AGAIN.

Mummy and Daddy did that for about thirty two years.  It WAS a lot of work!

Christmas? Naaa. No one can be bovvered in our family - ESPECIALLY Mummy and Daddy.