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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Where the hell are we going?

I have given this blog a new look! I'm behind the fence if you study the image. Or is it that I am outside of the fence and everyone else is behind it? I am by nature a recluse, a hermit, a prisoner to myself. So perhaps I am alone behind my fence.

I have been blogging on this blog for many years - although you won't know it. I blogged about my life, a fascinating life on two continents in historical times. I have been such a lucky person. This blog was moved from the older blog a while back but most of the entries have gone. The "Life on an alien planet" title seemed appropriate for its new incarnation because it describes how I feel deep inside myself. It really often feels the planet changed during my life time, to be something unreconiseable to me - an alien place.

And indeed it has changed.

I am turning 70 this year. The transformation in the world has been as great as the one my grandmother saw between the 1890's and the 1960's when we landed on the moon! She lived to be a very old lady. I would like to, if I can remain healthy.

In the meantime, I look at some of the things happening today and simply despair. The problem with the planet is the people who live on it! And of the people who live on it, it is not you or me that are the problem, but THEM. THEM are those who guide us. They are the ones that know better. They are the ones who draw borders between countries in arbitrary places, who make wars, who legislate, who consult the experts who promote our laws "for our own good", who ban pleasures, who brainwash the new generation with care so they will continue the myths promoted by THEM.

History was my major and I've always been interested in it. My mother had a doctorate in History and was a lecturer. I remember when one of her critics told me that History wasn't science - just interpretation and opinion. So later, I also studied science to see how the scientific method differed. I loved it! And I have watched how THEM in the modern world, that plots and plans in statistics and evidence based facts, have chucked the baby out with the bathwater. Science is simply one way of knowing about physical things. In my old age, I wish THEM would plot and plan with the wisdom of History and Philosophy to guide them.

My grandmother lived through two world wars. But I haven't. Yet. But I often wonder where the hell are we going. Have we not learned anything from History?