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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Knock yourself out you crazy bird

It's spring - that means garden. Lots of weeds to discipline. Surprises everywhere. Little plants re-introducing themselves. Old ones being aggressive and overwhelming.

I like plants. I like gardening. I like animals. There is no deceit in them.

There is a Robin who has become my friend. He shows almost no fear and will land next to me only inches away from my hand. I know what he's looking for. WORMS! He's a greedy chap as he fills his beak with as many as he can find until he looks like a mini Madeusa. I thought he was collecting for his children. But no - he gobbles the lot. I know why he's my friend. I'm the worm exposer. We have a crystal clear relationship. I like that.

But this year we have a crazy bird - a hedge sparrow, dull brown, who is sitting on the bench outside our garden window. Constantly he leaps down and hurls himself at the glass with a thud. Sometimes he does this for several hours or so. The dog's nerves are shot and I'm feeling jumpy too. Crazy bird. What IS he doing?

When I was a young woman, a silly person told me that birds at the window were carrying the message of death. That thought-implant/nocebo has followed me around all my life. So this cazy bird is not nice. I don't know his motive. It is not clear. My husband says he thinks the sparrow mistakes his reflection as his competition and is attacking it. I hope he's right.

I think little seeds of fear grow into huge trees. I disapprove of Plain Packaging for cigarettes for the reason that the medical porn images MUST have a terrible effect on the health of society for everyone who sees them. Smokers and their families should be more affected by smoking and get sicker quicker than ever before. Smoking will become more harmful, as it has already, and not less so.

The little messages of smoking harms have hurled themselves against our windows for so long, everyone knows it's not healthy. The best thing Public health could do, is NOT introduce Plain Packs and if they do, I hope they knock themselves out against the glass of their own foolishness and irresponsibility.