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Sunday, 13 April 2014

On Rape - and silly people.

This poor woman has copped it -

Tory councillor sparks outrage by saying 'when rape is inevitable, just lie back and enjoy it' during public meeting

Now I have heard this saying in two different forms "When rape is inevitable, just lie back and take it"  or as it was used  "When rape is inevitable, just lie back and enjoy it"

It is a saying in the English language. Rape is about overcoming. It's about power. That is the context she used it in. For the victim, it is also about acceptance of the inevitable. It is a metaphor surely? To take it literally from a woman of 77 shows deep ignorance. But if we do not see it as metaphor, how else can we see it?

Our modern culture has moved away from the rape culture that I grew up in which was still tainted by Victorianism.  It is liberated now in allowing women to enjoy sex. It wasn't long ago when that was not generally accepted, hence the other saying "think of England" whilst having to engage in marital sex. Sex was a chore that women endured rather than enjoyed. Enjoyment was not something easily admitted.

The idea in rape culture dominant in most of our history, and only moved away from (if indeed we have!) in the recent past, was that men will be men and women just have to take it. For women brought up to believe enjoying sex should not be owned up to, "When rape is inevitable, just lie back and enjoy it" was giving them permission in a world where sex and rape seemed not much different, within or outside of marriage.

I don't understand why the holier than thou's  are running around being holier than thou with hardly one cell of intelligence or education in their brains. The world is populated with very silly people! While the sanctimonious call for the resignation of a really good councillor is trumpeted around in the press,  I ask whether the rape culture has been eradicated in our new righteous modern world?

No, it is alive and well and living in advertising, industry, the cultural psyche and especially it is active  in the porn industry that is now educating our new generation of men.