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Saturday, 2 February 2013

The smell of burning - and it's not electronic cigarettes

I have not smoked a cigarette since November 2011. This is quite miraculous as I have smoked for 50 years. Near the end of my smoking, I found myself becoming more grimly intent on never to stop. This decision became more entrenched, the more I was told it was bad for me and it was legislated against me that I could only smoke in less and less designated places. I remember arriving back from Paris (where I could smoke) to land at Manchester Airport. On the station at the airport, where every smoker was lighting up, gagging for a smoke, we found "smoking police" armed with spray bottles of water - yes spray bottles of water - to douse our cigarettes if we dared to light them. Manchester airport station was not an enclosed space, but we could not smoke. I realised it was not about my health but about my persecution. I reeled at the thought such a thing could happen in England, which at that time, I thought of as a civilised country! Squirting a smoker to extinguish their cigarettes could be called an assault. That must have been in about 2008. I don't know if it still happens. It should not. It is disgusting!

In September 2011, I was going away on holiday, going somewhere I knew I could not comfortably smoke if I wanted to, so I bought an electronic cigarette. I had no intention to stop smoking. Accidentally, miraculously, unbelievably, I discovered I preferred vaping (using an e cig) to smoking. At first, I smoked and vaped. I craved a real cigarette for quite a time as this flowering new behaviour blossomed in my life.

I think I have told this story before, but the day after I got back from London in 2011, where grime, pollution and chemicals blacken every standing thing, and the traffic belches suffocating fumes, the mayor of London announced they were thinking of banning smoking in the City. This confirmed to me the insanity of the anti smoking persecutors. They are not sane but have been consumed with the dangerous psychotic fire.

I am very pro smokers - almost a quarter of our population. They get no consideration - there is nothing they can do to redeem themselves in the persecution fire. There is no co-operation sought with them, no place to go, no place to comfortably socialise. They battle to survive against the insane constrictions they endure, sanctioned by a society, sculpted to consider everyone's lifestyles, religions, eating habits, drinking habits,  sexual orientation, desires and wishes - EXCEPT those of smokers.

I find it strange that it is my generation who are living the longest, most rebelliously refusing to get old. We are the sex, drugs and rock and roll generation. and we smoked. We are now a financial burden. What the hell is society going to do with all of us? We survived.

I am a smoker who vapes - and I love it - just like I loved smoking. I am so enthusiastic about vaping I have a blog and you tube channel to promote it. I think it might become the new smoking. But I have no gripe against smokers who choose to smoke. I just want them to know that there IS life after smoking if you can switch your brand to vaping.

If you are a regular reader of this blog - you will expect me to complain about something and - yes - I now will. Recently there was a shocking article in the Mail which has now been removed from the Internet because of complaints against it, saying, in essence, that vaping could be more harmful than smoking. Guess what? The original article, now unobtainable, has morphed by syndication (probably) and has appeared again here and it will continue to do so, spreading this lie all over the world.

This is journalism at it's worst. This is evil. Vaping is not more harmful than smoking.  This confirms to me once again the insanity of the anti smoking persecutors. They are not sane but have been consumed with a new dangerous anti vaping fire. I smell burning - but it won't be us - we don't inhale burning anything - not even the smoldering bullshit you find in newspapers that throw out dangerous one-sided embers of ill written psychoses .

If you ever consider vaping - do - it is much less harmful than smoking. And it's just as enjoyable.