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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

"Plain" Packaging (again) and Vaping

I wrote to my MP about my objection to the so called "plain" packaging of cigarettes. I got a really nice reply, written personally and not one of the standard replies that people have been getting from their MP's.

I was very impressed - but then I like our MP. He's a hard worker, committed to our area and a truly nice man. Pity he belongs to the party that he does. I refuse to vote for it.

So I got this letter
Partial Quote:-

I find this to be a difficult subject because of my sympathy with conflicting interests. As an ex-smoker and a parent, I feel duty bound to support all measures to minimise the access to tobacco for children and I have heard numerous statements that this regulation could help to reduce teenage smoking.

However, I think that your letter does raise issues regarding the practicalities of the proposed regulation and I am pleased to confirm that I have written to the Secretary of State for Health in order to represent your concerns and to ask him to give full consideration to them before finalising legislative proposals.

With best wishes 
You will see that the "cheeldren" are a problem. And he has heard numerous statements that "plain" packs, covered with grotesque medical porn, could help reduce teenage smoking. I am more willing to think the images will become collectors items for kids. Most kids get fags from their mates, who get them from their mates, who get them...... not from shops. And cigarettes are already removed from display in shops (or will be soon). So I can see in this letter my MP has already been tainted by Tobacco Control.

You will see my MP wrote to the SofSforHealth. But I know he's been got at by TC already - so not much hope there.

My man in parliament is unaware that my reply to thank him for his letter, will be all about vaping being equally under threat from the EU directives being discussed next week. I will tell him how wonderful vaping is to experienced smokers like me, and ask that he protect our country from the disaster like that which is brewing in Russia.