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Tuesday, 12 February 2013


Today I gave my dog a bone. A generous bone. He has been in a state of stress ever since. I feel sorry for him. He has spent the day running around trying to hide his bone. He is not eating it - he just wants it - wants to keep it safe. I envisioned a day of pleasure with gnawing, crunching and a contentedly happy dog engaging in dog-bliss.

But no - it's been horrid for him.

Funny, we are all running around trying to hide our bones - to keep them from being removed from us. We work for them, we save them, we put them away for later when we can enjoy them in retirement. or we protect them so we can simply just live. I found a solution to the dog's angst. I put him on the lead. I tell him to go to his bed. I pop the bone under the blanket where he can't see it. And he calms down enough to have a little doggie-kip, knowing his bone is safe. Being on the lead, he also thinks he's tied up.

Funny, we all think we're tied up when we are ordered to to stay in our civil beds by the State. We think our bones are safe.

But I could solve the whole problem of the bone, if I simply took it away. He'd still think it was under his blanket He'd be none the wiser would he? I could take it away in small chunks until there was little left. I could leave him a very tiny bone. But I just can't be dishonest with my dog - he trusts me.

Pity about the State.