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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Feeling the planet is alien? Scientifically yes!

I am thinking that I know why my planet seems so alien and strange to me now I am getting closer to my 70's. And that would apply to everyone – all generations.

Old” people always complain that the world is “worse” than it used to be. But, believe me, in a lot of ways – it IS! For generations, old people have been known for feeling that. Sometimes, maybe, things are better, but they can't see it – but they can feel a “difference”. And that is true. The planet is actually NOT the same a it used to be when old people were young.

So, in the cosmic rhythm of precession the planet is literally not the same as it was when we were born

The most startling consequence of this is that the tropics (the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, where the most northerly or southerly vertical rays of the sun strike) are MOVING TOWARD THE EQUATOR. The rate is more than 14 meters per year! Example: the government of Taiwan erected a monument in a park marking the tropic in 1908. The actual tropic is now more than a kilometer south of this location! The arctic circles are likewise traveling toward their respective poles. The temperate zones gain 1550 square kilometers of territory every year.”