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Saturday, 15 June 2013

On the insane world of You Tube again

I am at screaming point. Has anyone tried "cropping" their channel art for the banner on You Tube? what a performance! I have now decided it's totally bloody useless to even try. "Cropping" involves moving the selection by about one millionth of a pixel! The only picture I can use is the red part above the mangy white cat in their gallery. The gallery is pauce - shameful in fact - a miserable offering of boring, boring, boring.

And as I said in my last post, everything I try to upload is "too small". So I downloaded gimp to scale my pictures just for blinking You Tube.

AND they have allocated me pages I don't want and another You Tube channel (blank!) AND my original channel name (which is easily google-able) HAS TOTALLY DISAPPEARED!

I am really fed up.

If anyone else has entered the land of the insane, I have discovered that if you click on the option to "disconnect my accounts" SOME of the problems come right.

I do still have TWO YouTube channels - one is blank, TWO Google+ accounts - one is blank - and a You Tube "page" (blank).

I was perfectly happy with what I had.

Fortunately when you "disconnect my account" you are given the opportunity to tell them why. So I DID!