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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The Cattle Keepers

This post was inspired by Ravengrim's words on her radio broadcast Anti Nanny

I have always thought of humans as "sheeples", some of whom follow the prevailing grazing baaing gratefully, and others who strike out into different terrain to find  fodder themselves.

So I was delighted when "The Cattle Keepers" term  come into my consciousness, for it opened up a whole new vista of thought.


We are not sheep - but cows, bulls and calves. We roam about in the structure of society that has been erected by the ruling classes - our Keepers. Our Keepers get nutrition in the form of our milk and meat - our taxes and also, corporately, profit from our labours. This provides for our own upkeep that is returned in services once it has paid for the upkeep of the ruling classes and their affiliations.

We are farmed. We produce. We are coralled. We are managed. We are hoodwinked into thinking that one or two cows and bulls from our herds, mooing in the halls of our Keepers' headquarters is "our" voice. But the herd representatives are taught to moo in the correct fashion so that the herds are managed well and produce efficiently. Managed herds must be profitable.

The Cattle Keepers are also bovine, but they are superior by the fact that they are educated in the Bovine Education Centres that ensures every cow or bull attending, moos at the same pitch and in the same way as the rest of the ruling classes. The managed herds have un-manicured moos, all different at birth, until they too attend moo grooming as calves. By the time they have grown they are mooing in decibels appropriate for integration into the managed herds.  Those with moos that could be groomed into ruling class moos are selected for moo-washing in selected Bovine Education Centres.

When members of the managed herds show signs of irregular behaviour, new fences are erected to keep them under control by The Cattle Keepers. Cattle need to be healthy.  Much attention is paid to the conditions under which they are kept and there is great expenditure of the profits they themselves have produced, on these matters. The Cattle Keepers want their cattle to be happy for they know happiness makes good milk and meat. But the increasingly encroaching fences and electric wires that hem them in "for their own safety", can have the opposite effect. Strangely enough the current batch of Cattle Keepers are especially sensitive to any of their cattle that have found ways to make their own selves happy. They are restrained "for their own good".

The days of free-range happy cows, roaming unfettered is over.

The Cattle Keepers moo constantly that everything they do is for the good of all. But some intelligent managed cattle know that kept cattle are only profitable to the Keeper.