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Saturday, 11 May 2013

Aaaaaarghhhhhh - NO! Its always NICOTINE. What is wrong with these people?

Nicotine, nicotine, nicotine! There are many benefits to Nicotine. It's been so badly damaged by the anti smoking group, in that it is contained in cigarette smoke, that you just mention it in company and everyone screams and hits the deck.

If nicotine is SO addictive, where are all the people addicted to nicotine patches?

I can't read the whole thing because I am not going to pay for it but here is the conclusion

Preventing Sin: The Ethics of Vaccines Against Smoking

"In this paper, we consider whether it would be ethical for parents to vaccinate their children against smoking if a nicotine vaccine were to be proven effective as a preventive intervention for children or adolescents. We begin by explaining the current state of nicotine vaccine science and suggesting some likely ethical concerns about allowing parents to have their children receive a vaccine. We then present a preliminary argument for making vaccination permissible, at least if nicotine vaccination substantially reduces the probability that someone subsequently becomes a smoker. We consider a series of possible ethical objections, which are useful for identifying the conditions under which it would be ethical for parents to vaccinate their children against smoking. We conclude that it would be permissible for parents to give their child a nicotine vaccine if the following conditions were met: the vaccine is expected to result in a net benefit to each individual vaccinated, the expected harms from the side effects of the vaccine are lower than the nonvoluntary harms caused by smoking, and there are no other, less manipulative methods available that are as effective at preventing smoking initiation."