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Saturday, 12 August 2017

Bad behaviour in insane proportions.

My yesterday's post was on Gay  'Pride' - a video by Lauren Southern, a Canadian right wing reporter who I follow on You Tube. She pointed out that the Gay 'Pride' march in her town was nothing to be proud of. It was lewd in the extreme.

I like a lot of what she says. It suits the opinions of this old-fashioned mind that thinks the world has gone to hell in a handcart. I just see a lot of people behaving badly with little self control or refinement.

To me, the world as it is now is truly like living on an alien planet.

I have been archiving ideas here that might clarify what the hell has happened to this place in the last fifty years. I cannot quite put my finger on it. But it's something pretty ghastly.

And I can't help feeling we are being 'groomed' to be like we are now. GROOMED. We are being led into a cultural change whether we like it or not. We are being de-constructed and re-constructed artificially to fit a 'plan'.

We are now a society of 'victims' - LGBTQ, new feminists, students, black people, white people, children, sick people, the uneducated, Muslims, Christians, married/un-married people, divorced fathers, unmarried mothers, Gay couples, infertile couples, disabled people. Who else can I think of? You can't have white people nor Christians in the list because anyone is allowed to criticise them - they are not perceived as victims.

All (except white people and Christians!)  are victims of someone else or something - suddenly. We can't blame God anymore. But we can blame white people and Christians - depending on who is doing the blaming.

The most misbehaving set of victims can get the most publicity - the most aggressive/outrageous victims get noticed - a case of the baby that screams loudest gets the most milk. The feminists and LGBTQ victims are somehow intertwined - feminists require lesbianism as a badge of the group - and the cauldrens of victimhood are being stoked in the fires of Universities - by supposedly educated people.

The masses, down below, have no idea how they are being manipulated 'from the top'.

And now comments on victims of anything have to be carefully monitored by an external force called political correctness, lest we offend them or show bias.

And that offends ME!