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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Conversation with a councillor from the world of mean

Re our conversation on Sunday about the actual facts on Second Hand Smoke, here is a comment on the new study by The American Cancer Society I was telling you about. Although I don't smoke, and I disagree with you that smoking should not be seen in public as it then becomes "secret" and "salacious" to young people, I still feel like an angry smoker that has watched society being engineered on a lie.
I like the Lib Dem attitude against Nuclear Power and Fracking which UKIP unfortunately favour. I do favour UKIP. Smoking is not abnormal to the people it gives pleasure, but only the ideology trying to make it so. The core, hardened, embattled smokers have no rights, no voice. They have been politically crippled by the allegations that their smoke kills others. The smoking ban needs reassessing on scientific evidence and not the lies of smokefree lobby groups. Farage smokes! I think every angry smoker like me - they number one fifth of the population  - 13000000 - not to mention the 1 500000 vapers will favour UKIP. We are all voters!

I enjoyed the vibrant life of the past, when politicians were real people and often not very rich. I think pipes and cigars and even cigarettes  made them look trustworthy.  You, sir, certainly look shifty to me. You have been brainwashed. I don't like you!

I am going to only vote for Councillors, MP's or MEP's  that smoke or vape. And you are not one of them!