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Thursday, 21 November 2013

Frank Davis - Science fires - lovely today

I was reading Frank Davis as my morning treat - How Do You Sleep At Night?

I had a  thought - in the same era as Second Hand Smoke has been used to manipulate our behaviour, we have to also deal with Climate Change laid squarely at our feet. Both are designed to control us - to engineer society - to make us profitable. The first has made the Pharmaceutical and Government Corporations a fortune, and the second is yet another opportunity for extortion. The social engineering surrounding Climate Change is still evolving.

When I was a young woman, I remember being frightened of Nuclear War (in first place) and global cooling (in second place) and population explosion (in third place).
Nuclear war was immanent always in those days. A second ice age was already on its way and the world population explosion would give each human a metre square living space in thirty years time.

Well - that's what scientists said.

Now, I'm mostly frightened of politicians - a new career opportunity for academics instead of real people. In the UK, everything we do is overtly "evidence based" and "politically correct" but behind the scenes, God knows what actually happens. Science/Scientists have been compromised by its/their use to provide the evidence base for political manoeuvrings. Science is now in cahoots with anyone that can fund them, instead of living in garrets and discovering stuff!

I just loved Frank Davis's post - quote -  So I see science as a bit like a campfire burning in the night. In the light of the fire you can see a lot of the things nearest to it. But further out they’re harder to see. And beyond that everything is lost in shadows. What we “know” lies in a little circle around the campfire. And what we don’t know lies outside it, and extends for hundreds of miles in all directions. So what we don’t know is vastly more than what we know.

I think a lot of scientists (and politicians too actually) are just sitting in the light of their own little fires - if you looked down on them from a satellite, there would be thousands of little pinpoints, making a lovely glow in the sky. The danger in that is believing it is your personal fire that is causing total illumination.