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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Creepy academics, suspect science and public policy

How we are sculpted in society all begins in the Academic's head. This paper caught my attention today. It gave me the complete creeps. Even the title "Obesity and smoking: can we catch two birds with one tax?" gives me the creeps. I'm sure it's a well written paper - I did speed read it. But the IDEA gives me the creeps. We can kill two birds with one stone - we can punish two vices together - we can head bash real human beings and manipulate their behaviour by thieving from them?

Yesterday I put up a post with material that came from "Banishing Smokers 'For Their Own Good' " by Linda Stewart and "Butt Out: Anti-Smokers Go Too Far," May 1994 that exposed how society is made to conform on purpose. The ideas come from creepy academics sitting in universities writing papers for their personal glorification. Look how clever they are! Or scientists discovering new things on demand so they keep their jobs. And Government Corporations (including their own fake lobby groups) keeping their coffers full through taxation, and their citizens docile.

There are many public policies wrought by them we could have been better off without on this very odd planet. Well, that's what I think.

Look at this wonderful Art.... Creepy indeed....