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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Real litter, real refuse....

There is good refuse

I grew up in Africa - real poverty, exists there. People who live in real poverty don't notice litter as an eyesore. Waste dumps and landfills are a resource. And refuse, sustains them. Refuse is a real boon to those who have little and who ingeniously use it.

It is only our Western culture, marinated in affluence, brainwashed by advertising and the media, that throws away at a whim. By comparison, it appears disgusting.

There is bad refuse

In our arrogance we bury our nuclear waste in that which sustains us. We leave our refuse in space too. We are hemming ourselves into our own planet with layers of orbiting space junk. Without concern for the life on planet Earth we litter plutonium, nuclear waste and atmospheric pollutants to get our astonishing technology to Mars. We are PROUD of ourselves.

By comparison, it IS disgusting.